Fast Radios, Inc. is deemed an “essential business” by guidelines from The Department of Homeland Security and is processing orders for customers.

In an effort to control the spread of COVID-19, states are enacting restrictions that include the closing of businesses deemed as “non-essential” and “stay-at-home” orders. At the same time, these restrictions do require businesses deemed as “essential” to remain open and running under normal operations which includes “critical manufacturing”.

The Department of Homeland Security defines “critical manufacturing” as the manufacturing of materials and products needed for medical supply chains, transportation, energy, communications, food and agriculture, chemical manufacturing, nuclear facilities, the operation of dams, water and wastewater treatment, emergency services, and the defense industrial base.

Many Fast Radios customers manufacture products in direct support of this guidance and therefore is considered an essential sustaining business.

With the operations of many Fast Radios, Inc. customers having been deemed an integral part of the supply chain within the “critical manufacturing” guidelines detailed above, this also deems Fast Radios, Inc. to be an “essential business” as a supplier to those customers and therefore required to maintain operations during this time of need.

Fast Radios, Inc. is committed to serving our customers. We are taking all necessary precautions to protect our employees and stand ready to help you as our valued customer in any way that we can.